Mill Park Publishing of Eagle, Idaho was created in 2003 by author Elaine Ambrose.
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Midlife Cabernet

By Elaine Ambrose

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Midlife Cabernet is the newest book by Elaine Ambrose. Her humorous essays provide proof that there is life, love, and laughter after fifty. If you're a feisty, robust female tumbling down the far side of middle-age, grab a glass of cabernet - better yet, grab the whole bottle - and enjoy these witty words of wisdom that include anecdotes about irritable bowel syndrome, midlife love, and the joys of eldercare.

Publishers Weekly wrote that the book is "laugh-out-loud funny," and Foreword Reviews wrote that the collection of essays is "an argument for joy."

Midlife Cabernet won the Silver Medal for Humor from the Independent Book Publisher Award program (IPPY), First Place for Humor and First Place for eBook from the North American Book Awards, and First Place for Humor and Idaho Top Ten Author Award from the Idaho Book Awards program.

The book reached #1 in sales in the Humor Category on

"Elaine Ambrose offers a hilarious perspective on life. Read it and weep...from laughter!"
Barb Best, Erma Bombeck Global Humor Winner

"Midlife Cabernet is vintage Elaine Ambrose; tangy, full-bodied, and delightfully intoxicating. You'll laugh yourself silly - and that's BEFORE you open the wine!"
Stacy Dymalski, comedienne and author

"Laughter makes us beaurtiful, so Midlife Cabernet will do more for you than any plastic surgeon. It's also a hell of a lot less painful. If midlife means laughing as much as Elaine Ambrose, bring it on!"
Amanda Turner, author of Hair of the Corn Dog

Only $12 from Mill Park Publishing.  Also on and in eBook format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KOBO, IBooks, and Google Play.

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