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  • Elaine Ambrose Midlife Cabernet Receives Four Star Review from ForeWord Clarion Review
    Written by Elaine Ambrose
    Midlife Cabernet Receives Four Star Review from ForeWord Clarion Review

    Clarion Review


    Midlife Cabernet: Life, Love & Laughter after Fifty

    Elaine Ambrose

    Mill Park Publishing


    Four Stars (out of Five)

    Elaine Ambrose’s Midlife Cabernet: Life, Love & Laughter after Fifty is an Erma Bombeck-esque tribute to women who are over fifty and ready to explore life on new terms. It’s a humorous and sassy-yet-compassionate view of life over the hill, as well as a retrospective on the climb to the top.

    In a series of themed essays in which her enjoyment of good wine is the connecting thread, Ambrose eschews ladylike censoring in her tale of life over fifty. With frank sexual references, sagging body parts, and visits to the plastic surgeon, Ambrose moves the reader from skin-deep concerns to the social and emotional challenges of working motherhood, child rearing (“It comes down to survival of the funniest”), post-career life transitions, friends with later-inlife illnesses, the richness of decades-long friendships, empty-nest syndrome, caring for older parents, and the joys and challenges of grandchildren. Through it all, Ambrose returns to the metaphor of good wine, facetious in her described devotion to celebrating the special occasions as well as the everyday: “I’ll drink fine wine if my hangnail heals.”

    The writing and mechanics are solid, and the midlife focus is perfectly matched by the cover, with its antique typewriter. What is mostly a punchy and humorous series of essays—(“If you are what you eat, I’m a gigantic chocolate chip cookie floating in a vat of red wine”)—at times turns tangential, such as when, in an essay about bad investments and “avoid[ing] crooks,”

    Ambrose dives into a nostalgic reflection on what she learned in English class, thanking her “heroes” (English teachers), who taught her how to diagram a sentence. Later chapters also contain lists of a mix of sensible and humorous advice for travel with grandchildren and travel alone, lists that at times lack the same energy exuded in earlier chapters.         

                            Throughout, though, the tone is cheerful and friendly. Ambrose reads like a not-too-tired fifty-something who still has the energy to play a joke on a friend, enjoy romance with her spouse, and hop around with grandkids—appreciating life all the more when in relief against its inevitable challenges.

    Midlife Cabernet is an argument for joy despite parents with dementia, grandchildren with Down syndrome, financial loss, broken relationships, and slow metabolisms: “Your challenge throughout the year is to keep the music playing. Sing and play your own songs long after the confetti is thrown into the garbage, the bills are past due, and prosperity is still elusive.” Ambrose will draw readers looking for frank conversation and a pick-me-up in the face of all the challenges midlife has to offer.

    Heather Weber

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  • Elaine Ambrose Midlife Cabernet: Scan, Download, Read, and Laugh before Noon!
    Written by Elaine Ambrose


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  • Elaine Ambrose Save the Dates - "Write by the RIver" Writing Retreats in Garden Valley
    Written by Elaine Ambrose

    Save the Dates

    “Write by the River”

    Retreats for 2014

    Write - Read - Relax

    In Two Deluxe Cabins in Garden Valley, Idahocabin in fall

    Details Coming Soon

    July 18-20 – “Women, Words, and Wine” – limited to 12 women

    Hosted by Amanda Turner, Christy Hovey, Elaine Ambrose

    August 8-10 – “Wellness for Women” – Meditation, Fitness, Journal Writing

    Hosted by Emily Nielsen and Elaine Ambrose

    September 19-21 – “Women, Words, and Wine” – limited to 12 women

    Hosted by Amanda Turner, Christy Hovey, Elaine Ambrose

    October 3-5 – “Read Aloud to a Crowd” – Reading Your Work and Speaking in Public

    (Day-only option available)  Hosted by Elaine Ambrose

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  • Elaine Ambrose Midlife Cabernet: Table of Contents and Free First Chapter
    Written by Elaine Ambrose

    1. Going Under and Beyond the Knife

    2. Midlife Dating and Mating

    3. Arousing Fifty Shades of Grey Matter

    4. Mother Bear

    5. What the Hell Happened to My Body?

    6. Blending Fine Wine and Vintage Friends

    7. Enlightenment After the Age of Aquarius

    8. Observing the Daze in Holidays

    9. Desperately Seeking Self-Confidence

    10. Blended Families: A Bit Shaken and Stirred

    11. Traveling Beyond the Farm

    12. The Proper Care and Coddling of Curmudgeons

    13. A Time to Laugh, a Time to Get a Weapon

    14. It's Time to Face the Music

    15. When It's Party Time at the Empty Nest

    16. Adventures in Eldercare

    17. Grandkids as Speed Bumps

    18. Know Your Roots and Color if Necessary

    If you would like to receive a free copy of the first chapter of Midlife Cabernet, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and request either the word document or the PDF version.

    - See more at:

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  • Elaine Ambrose Midlife Cabernet - A Book for Lovers of Laughter with Libations
    Written by Elaine Ambrose

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